Scholarship Application
2018 School Year

The Monk Family Scholarship 
308 Country Club Road Jacksonville, NC 28546 
Ricardo L. Morgan, MA, Chairman/Administrator

Scholarship Application 2018 School Year

January 1, 2018

Dear Applicant:

The Monk Family Scholarship is a non-profit scholarship that was established in memory of our forefathers who worked hard and sacrificed so that future generations of Monks could have a chance at a better life. This scholarship is open to anyone who is a direct descendant of Daniel and Emma Monk, whether by blood or by marriage into the Monk Family.

Anyone who is enrolled or has been accepted into an institution of higher learning (community college, college/university, and/or some type of vocational school) is eligible to apply. Applicants should also have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 or higher on your transcripts. This scholarship is open to undergraduate as well as graduate school applicants.

It is our hope and prayer that by you submitting this application, you will allow us to help you in taking another step in your educational career and to keep the memory alive of our beloved Monk ancestors.

The Monk Family Scholarship Committee 


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