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Annie D. Fonville (Bush)
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March 26, 1961 Business Retail Manager Married 3
Ann is the daughter of Vernon and Melissa Monk.

My husband is Reginald Bush and we have three beautiful girls...Quenessa, Alisha and Dezswana

Blessed , Highly Favored.....and....Reaping  Our Benefits Daily!
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Theresa Campbell (Hawks)
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December 06, 1963 CEO Divorced 2
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Dexter Monk
February 21, 1950 Retired Married
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MoReno Monk
November 29, 1966 Program Manager 2
My name is MoReno Monk, known to my southern family as "Rena". I am the daughter of John L. Monk (son of Roxie) and Donnia Monk, stepdaughter of Sonia Monk. I have two amazing children, KeiMante' & Zachia, and has now been living in Philadelphia, Pa for over 20 years. I still know that Jacksonville "Graytown" IS home and will always be.
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Stanley Monk
December 22, 1966 Married 4
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Ricardo Morgan
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July 06, 1979 Business Consultant/Minister Married
I am the son of the late Rena C. Morgan, the daughter of the late Catherine Monk Morgan, the daughter of the late John Daniel Monk, son of Daniel Monk. On November 11, 2017, I was blessed to marry my love, Shavonne R. Frierson. Send Ricardo a MessageSend Ricardo a Message
Lamanda Monk (Tooley)
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September 28, 1984 Mommy Married 2
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Patrisia Underdue
August 30, 1956 Retired Single
Hello my name is Patrisia Underdue, I am the daughter, of the late Rosco Monk, and Grandparents are Lizzie  Monk ( Dixion)and Issac Dixion. Hope to see everyone soon. Send Patrisia  a MessageSend Patrisia a Message
christine Monk (Wallace)
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April 15, 1967 Married 5
Daughter of Vernon & Melissa Monk. I have 5 beautiful children (Latoya, Lamanda, Aaron, Bryan & Deshawn), two son-in-laws(Brian & Johnithon)and a loving husband(Eric).

God keeps on blessing me...over and over... He's blessing me... opened doors I could not see He blessings me! 
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